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Lists of crypto assets used in our services

Security tokens offers liquidity for private-owned assets. It sells or loans private assets to global investors while allowing its liquidity to develop on numerous trading venues in the secondary market.

Short Name Name Asset Contract
ZWKC ZaoWouKiCoin Zao Wou-ki painting 0x0599e0f94818b0e7a2a0a71d64fe822526e11a3d
CTHC ChinToHaCoin Chen Cheng-po painting 0xbd28999064f3b64562af4ea70633e35d2c1eee05
yuyr yuyourencoin Yu Youren Calligraphy 0xdcdf4045563a1e5f92a4ce6740035bf0be93c327
gug gugancoin1 Gu Gan painting 0x6c3f8dafc614075f627a8ff34cc605e1a1fa6d52
pla palacecoin Gu Gan painting 0xad19bbe57c233544b4984769e7ad47112ebfd3f8
aut1 autumncoin1 Gu Gan painting 0x9b80c4a539a8ccddcbe85fb5b69439b122cbcfbd
PEH PuErh_HongSiang Pu'er Tea 0x64bfc90b31e508e8d0a0c35b848a9beb2ba278c7
PEY PuErh_YisingHe Pu'er Tea 0xc1f1a32ef4c4cc5cd96f4af7540bf1390b4098b5
PEF PuErh_YisingHe Pu'er Tea 0x5cafe6c85ea7c3b1bb62ca5254fae636ba8ae616
PEW PuErh_WangYutai Pu'er Tea 0x44309c6404544669fe0ac39268a137d06c57edfe
PET PuErh_TongcingHao Pu'er Tea 0x12af23556681c4ea654da722f96c899d69e316ec